FÍS NUA Convention – Sat 22nd October 2016

FÍS NUA Convention –

Sat 22nd October 2016

The next Fís Nua Convention will take place in

The Aisling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 on

Saturday, 22 October 2016, 2pm – 5pm, with social meeting from 12 midday

Location subject to change but a new notice will issue if this occurs


There is a motion to deregister Fís Nua (see Motions and Amendments)


Motions and Amendments

All members are welcome to submit Motions, nominations and Amendments to info@fisnua.com. Members are requested to read and if possible debate the motions with the proposer prior to the convention so that all motions can be dealt with quickly. Motions must be received by midday 9th September 2016. Every effort will be made to publish the amendments on this page of our website at http://fisnua.com or email them to the members. Amendments to motions must be received by midday 14th October 2016. All members, out of probation, can vote at the convention and all members are invited to attend and take part in discussions. We look forward to seeing you there!


    1. Postal or Email Voting

If a member wishes to apply for a postal or email vote instead of attending the convention, they must apply by email to info@fisnua.com, or by post to Fís Nua, , by midday 16th October 2016.
The condition for postal/online voting is that the member must have attended at least one convention in person within the previous year. Exceptions to the requirement to attend a convention at least once a year for postal vote or online vote eligibility, can be made if there are cases of personal emergency (mourning, illness, disability) at the discretion of the Convention.


Is mise, le meas,

Donal O’Riordain

pp Brendan Kelly acting CoOrdinator.

Email: info@fisnua.com

Motion 1. 
That Fís Nua deregisters as a political party.
(proposed by Mary Attenborough)

Motion 2.
Actively follow through merger with DDI and/or IDP with proposals to be put back to members, and once set up de-register the smaller parties affiliated to the other, with the smaller ones and any accounting units becoming branches or affiliated organisations of the other – like AAA and PBP.

(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû – carried forward from August 2016 convention)

Motion 2b

(Originally Amendment 1 to Motion 2 from August 2016 convention (to wind down the party) . Motion 2 from August 2016 convention fell)

To replace and re-organise, and to work on movement to merge with like-minded party or show sufficient moment on membership funds and volunteering to register for 2017, and if not viable at convention in December not complete form and those who vote not to merge be deregistered as of 31st December 2016.
(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 3.

That members not wanting to be active in Fís Nua as an active registered political party stand down (or don’t stand) for FPCC;

(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 4.

That a support group of members be created in the Constitution alongside “the Advisory Council” of “original” faction members;

(by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 5.

That a system of Party Groups be created known as factions to allow existing Campaign groups to have voting members on FPCC.  The existing membership be called “Originals” faction; the Disability and Equality Rights faction of groups including NCPD members, Charitable Company,Trustees of Federation Trust and ICAAN membership drawn from; The “integrity” movement – ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce and Integrity Ireland be invited for a third, and once 2016 Audit and report is successfully completed Direct Democracy Ireland and Irish Democratic Party and Independents for Change as “Democratic Reform” faction (allow this open for others to join).

(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 6.

Constitution would be amended with the inclusions on membership of other political parties:-

“Nothing shall be implied to cause a block in merging of political parties to block members transferring from one party to another upon a vote taken; after which one political party shall be de-registered on merging with another.  It shall be allowed officers who are member of a registered political party to take up position in the merged party to allow different party groups to co-exist while merging, without a problem in timing.” and
“The Democratic rights of members in likewise green left party groups in Europe and outside the jurisdiction of the Register of Political Parties in Ireland, according to citizenship in other EU member-states or regions and voting rights outside the state to allow non-RoI party membership including full party members, other then Associate, Supporter, Concession or Family membership in countries where members have votes as citizens or voting rights as well as in Ireland.”
“The Party group shall be free to seek membership of the European Green Party/European Free Alliance of Green Left and Regional Cultural and Social Justice Parties.  It shall be required to have delegates at least one male and one female from the Federal Party group representing different faction.”
“Once merger of party faction groups is created, a Council and General Assembly of the Union of Fís Nua, Disability and Equality Rights and Integrity and Democratic Reform, shall amend the FPCC made up of right of no more then 3 members per faction grouping, and 1 per elected representative of TD’s, Senators and MEPs, if and when they join. The new party grouping with single party register shall have at least 1 accounting unit per faction for the transitional year, and additional accounting units in branches and groups which have a bank account independent of the faction.  Party Trustees shall be drawn from different party factions.”
“If the FPCC shall have insufficient members pending merger of factions, the party Trustees shall complete the process until new members from the merging factions take their seats.”
(by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 7.

To allow the mergers to take place the financial responsibility of Fís Nua shall be the responsibility of the Fís Nua An Chlar/Green Party of County Clare and the members of Disability and Equality Rights faction in 2017 until mergers are complete; the respective factions shall prepare their accounting units in shared auditing of the new body.

(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 8.

Nominations shall be sought for FPCC from the respective factions merging before the end of 2016, to take over in 2017 at the time of ratification – once the votes are agreed and taken each faction has ratified, members are deemed members of the Union of Fís Nua, Disability and Equality Rights and Integrity and Democratic Reform and no longer of the original party which shall be deregistered upon merger, if a registered political party.
(proposed by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Motion 9.

Discussions between factions on changes to the constitution to facilitate shall be reported back to each group in each faction, and to EGP/EFA group as completion of each faction merger completed.

(by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)

Nominations for the FPCC

National Co-ordinator:  Brendan Kelly   (nominated by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)
Deputy Co-ordinator:  Damon Matthew Wise   (nominated by himself)
Treasurer:  Karen Wise   (nominated by Damon Matthew Wise Âû)