Heritage & Culture

National Monuments

1. The party seek to undo the amendment National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004  and return to the National Monuments act as originally drafted

2. The party seek to add a rotating council structure to the National Monument Act to include a council / committee of up to 30 people and to include members of the public so removing one person from deciding on national monuments and in many cases our environment.

3. The party seek to define either by judicial review or procedural changes within the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government to define an Archaeological area as larger than just a “monument” and at least 500 metres around its outer edge in connection with other monuments and areas of interest either archaeologically, wildlife and to include urban areas.

4. That all of the above (1-3) are encapsulated into new legislation defining conservation plans away from developer led heritage or management plans and the conservation plans are included in all local, county and national development plans with the ethos, that Conservation plans come before development plans, management plans, heritage plans (so called) and are not developer led, and conservation plans are themselves a legal document.

Currently in draft the New National Monuments Act is proceeding. Further to motions from Peadar Ó Ceallaigh which called for conservation plans to be made a statutory instrument, and for licenses granted by (currently) Minster Philip Hogan Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government,  Minster James Deenihan, Minister for the Arts Heritage and Gaelteacht, Minster Patrick Rabbitte Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources,and the Environmental protection agency, (EPA) can become a part of a larger public committee decision. We ask if the new National Monuments Act removes the right of the state to destroy a national monument as in the current National Monuments Act 1930 – 2004 (amended), and further more provides statutory protection measures such as statutory conservation plans and licensing of major works to be a public body decision, to sustainably protect the environment, landscape and national monuments (and people upon these estates and areas). We ask that these stipulations are included in the new National Monuments Act.

Arts, Culture and Language

Artistic innovation and cultural heritage play a crucial part in enriching the lives of our people and also in attracting tourism to our island.

Fís Nua supports adequate investment in, and promotion of, art, crafts and culture.

Specifically, we:

  • Support the National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA)
  • Call for the arts portfolio to be held by a full Cabinet Minister and to be a substantive part of any new government department.
  • Seek to establish appropriate social protection and other key supports for artists and craft workers and those who work in the arts and craft industry.
  • Call for the establishment of a coordinated support network to aid local cultural centres and local history initiatives
  • Call for greater support for the Irish language, bi-lingual signage (or Irish only signage in Gealtacht regions), official recognition of the language and full state support to residents who wish to conduct their business in Irish.
  • Call for the full implementation of the Official Languages Act 2003 in the Republic and support the campaign for the Irish Language Act in Northern Ireland.
  • Seek to introduce adequate measures for the protection of minority cultures and languages such as Ulster Scots.

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