Enterprise, Employment, and Tourism

Enterprise and Employment In the past, there have been lucrative incentives for multinational investment in Ireland. However, due to cheaper wages in third world countries, many of these multinationals pulled out when the tax incentives expired, leaving families and communities decimated in their wake. We propose that similar type tax incentives would be applied to support and encourage home-grown SMEs, Co-operatives, and local indigenous industries and crafts persons who produce for both the home market and export. Similarly, we should be concentrating our highly educated workforce’s energies on the green tech industries, pharmaceuticals and research & development, with emphasis on the particular needs of third world countries. Ireland has a reputation for high quality food produce. We have prime agricultural land – we should be using it to our advantage instead of paying our farmers not to farm. We should be supplying the home market with good quality home produced food at local market prices. -


  • Develop a tourism industry by the skilful management of our natural resources and by promoting outdoor activity holidays such as cycling, walking, hill walking, angling, sailing, surfing and bird watching. Develop policies that promote the very essence of Irish country living including promoting small, local accommodation providers, warm hospitality and food supplied by fresh home produce.
  • Free Travel passes for all visitors over 65, to include free ferry travel.

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