Fís Nua Convention 20 August 2016



Convention Notice


The next Fís Nua Convention will take place on:

Saturday 20th August 2016, at 1:00PM am at Damon and Karen’s House, Shannon, Co Clare:29 Baile Uí Chathasaigh Mór, Baile Uí Chathasaigh, Sionainn, Co. an Chláir, Éire

29 Ballycaseymore, Ballycasey, Shannon Town, Co. Clare

Please see Draft Minutes of Selection Convention

Get Directions to Fís Nua Convention (11am social get-together followed by official business at 2pm until 6pm)Please respond to let me know numbers as the convention will take place at Damon and Karen’s house, but will be moved to a Hotel nearby if numbers are expected to be higher.All members are welcome to submit Motions, nominations and Amendments to info@fisnua.com. Members are requested to read and if possible debate the motions with the proposer prior to the convention so that all motions can be dealt with quickly.
Motions must be received by midday 9th August 2016. Every effort will be made to publish the amendments on this page of our website at http://fisnua.com or email them to the members. Amendments to motions must be received by midday 14th August 2016.
All members, out of probation, can vote at the convention and all members are invited to attend and take part in discussions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Postal or Email Voting

If a member wishes to apply for a postal or email vote instead of attending the convention, they must apply by email to info@fisnua.com, or by post to Fís Nua, , by midday 16th August 2016.

The condition for postal/online voting is that the member must have attended at least one convention in person within the previous year (i.e. since 20th August 2015). Exceptions to the requirement to attend a convention at least once a year for postal vote or online vote eligibility, can be made if there are cases of personal emergency (mourning, illness, disability) at the discretion of the Convention.

Is mise le meas,

Donal O’Riordain Co-Ordinator.

Motions submitted for this Convention

Motion 1

That  Fis Nua apply for membership of the Wheel.

Comment: We will pay the €25


Motion 2

To wind down the Party in an orderly fashion.

Motion 3

To reinstate article 48 of the 1922 constitution providing for a petition of 75000 signatures to force Dail Eireann to consider laws which could not otherwise be brought about.


Motion 4

That the wording of article 48 be improved, if possible to grant ultimate power to the people.


Motion 5

Motion to remove a TD by the Party.


Motion 6

Reinstate the Auditor appointment article in Fís Nua.


Motion 7

Once registered with the Wheel seek formal quotations from The Wheel’s available auditors and accountants;


Motion 8

Set auditor to BCK (Byrne Curtain Kelly) for 2016 unless something better comes along and allow FPCC to change if so found, and report to next convention to confirm;

Motion 9

Actively raise funds – with flag days and membership raising in Town centres or church gates
Comment: I will publish the rates we are allowed to raise from each person given by SIPO;

Motion 10

Actively follow through merger with DDI and/or IDP with proposals to be put back to members, and once set up de-register the smaller parties affiliated to the other; with the smaller ones and any accounting units becoming branches or affiliated organisations of the other – like AAA and  PBP;


Amendments to Motions

Amendment 1 to Motion 2.
To replace and re-organise, and work on movement to merge with like-minded party or show sufficient moment on membership funds and volunteering to register for 2017, and if not viable at convention in December not complete form and those who vote not to merge be de-registered as of 31st December 2016.