Fís Nua Convention And AGM – Shannon Sat. April 25th

The next Fís Nua Convention and AGM will take place on Saturday, 25th April 2015, at 11:00 am at The Oakwood Arms Hotel, Shannon, Co.Clare
(11am social get-together followed by official business at midday until 6pm)

Motions and Amendments

All members are welcome to submit Motions and Amendments to info@fisnua.com. Motions must be received by midday Saturday 11th April 2015. All motions will be published on this page of our website at http://fisnua.com/fis-nua-convention-and-agm-shannon-sat-april-25th/. Amendments to motions must be received by midday Saturday 18th April 2015.
All members, out of probation, can vote at the convention and all members are invited to attend and take part in discussions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Election of FPCC and Trustees

The annual election of the Federated Party Co-ordinating Committee (FPCC) takes place at least annually, and thus all the FPCC positions will be chosen for the year. Would all members please propose themselves or submit nominations (please confirm that the candidate is willing to stand before submitting your nomination) by midday Saturday April 18th 2015 to info@fisnua.com. The annual election of trustees will also take place for the coming year.

 Postal or Email Voting

If a member wishes to apply for a postal or email vote instead of attending the convention, they must apply by email to info@fisnua.com, or by post to Fís Nua, 34, Sweetbriar Terrace, Lower Newtown, Waterford, by midday Saturday 11th April 2015.
The condition for postal/online voting is that the member must have attended at least one convention in person within the previous year (i.e. since 25th April 2014). Exceptions to the requirement to attend a convention at least once a year for postal vote or online vote eligibility, can be made if there are cases of personal emergency (mourning, illness, disability) at the discretion of the Convention.
Motions      (No.s  1 to 6 submitted by Cordelia Níc Fhearraigh)
Motion 1
The Irish Language
Call for the establishment of an Irish Language department of government that would be independent from all other government departments. This department would have the ability to establish legal policies with regard to living and/or working within Gaeltacht regions of the country and, rather than simply having an advisory/supportive role, it would also have the legal authority to sanction organisations, both public and private, throughout the country with regard to their lack of recognition and usage of the Irish language.      (Motion 1 Passed)
Motion 2
We support the complete removal of the Catholic Church’s patronage from all State schools and teacher training colleges.  The teaching/learning of religion(s) should be a personal choice of every citizen and such teaching/learning would be facilitated externally from the State education system.           (Motion 2 Fell)
Motion 3
We would seek to have other systems of teaching such as the Steiner system of education included in the education system.                                                                                                                 (Motion 3 Passed)
Motion 4
We call for all future housing developments, including social housing schemes, to incorporate sustainability and sustainable living to the highest standards and even beyond those standards.  This to include passive houses/dwellings as compulsory, proper social/educational facilities and access to public transport as compulsory.
                                                                                                                                 (Motion 4 Passed)
Motion 5
We call for all future housing/building developments to incorporate a choice of alternative methods of sourcing clean, drinkable water.                                                                                                    (Motion 5 Passed)
Motion 6
We call for all future building/housing developments to have the capacity of generating their own eco-friendly energy with the option of selling any excess energy to the national grid.               (Motion 6 Passed)
Motion 7   (submitted by Ben Nutty)         
“That Fís Nua establish Ógra Fhís Nua”                                                           (Motion 7  Passed)
Nominations For FPCC
National Coordinator:  Donal O’Riordáin
Deputy Coordinator:  Brendan Kelly
FPCC: Damon Matthew Wise, Karen Christine Wise, Charlie Williams, Cordelia Nic Fhearraigh, Peadar O’Ceallaigh, David Kane, Cy O’Hara, Cleo de Vito              (all nominated by Ben Nutty)
New FPCC Elected On Saturday April 25th at Shannon
National Coordinator: Donal O’Riordáin
Deputy Coordinator:    Brendan Kelly
Treasurer:                      Cordelia Níc Fhearraigh
FPCC:                             Damon Wise, Karen Wise, Peadar O’Ceallaigh,  David Kane