A Sustainable Prosperity

Fís Nua seeks to achieve a prosperity which satisfies and transcends material concerns.   We understand that today’s growth economy is based on the ‘cashing in’ of natural resources for a relatively quick financial fix.  These resources include – among other things – oil, soil, gas, minerals, timber, and fish-stocks.  As these resources are rapidly consumed, the environment is degraded.  This is horrifying, as the ‘economy’ is actually a subset of the natural economy that supports us.  When we take it for granted, we put ourselves in peril.  This is unsustainable. A sustainable prosperity recognises these truths and would operate on a different set of fundamental principles to the way the economy operates today.  Perhaps the most important principle that we recognise is that a sustainably prosperous economy would ‘close the loop’.  Unlike today’s extractive and destructive economy, which takes natural resources, and turns them into goods, which themselves end up in landfills, a sustainable economy would mimic the natural economy in it’s most fundamental aspect: the circle.  In the natural economy, every output is an input for something else.  Waste is always turned into new life and new growth – completing the circle of life and death.

YinYangOur economy is based on growth alone, and it does not acknowledge equal and opposite de-growth necessary for long term sustainability.  This is not at odds with material abundance.

We propose a steady state economy, which balances growth with contraction and which can provide people with security, peace, and prosperity.

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