Peadar Ó Ceallaigh


Peadar OCeallaigh

Fis Nua is a federated party of candidates (who did not organise in time for the election & only 1 day before) as such different views and opinions should be debated, including all fuels, fossil and renewable. Although the election was a disaster it was a good experience and many points on fossil and renewable energy, finance and debates on Ireland working again were valuable discussions. 

I do not subscribe to all views held by Fis Nua (such as legalising  cannabis, hemp however has cancer curing properties and other uses. I do not believe in same sex marriage, or abortion and transexualility or transgenders who are not a third gender etc) Work & employment opportunities should be supplied to those in Ireland who have been through the recession first and foremost (and this should apply to every nation and its people who have lived and worked in their country through good times and bad)

My name is Peadar Ó Ceallaigh. I am a qualified Building Surveyor, specialising in Disability/Access special needs issues and Conservation both Urban and Rural. I also hold a degree in Media studies. My thesis in economics (part of the Building Surveying degree) predicted Ireland’s current problems in 2004/5, and I also have worked in planning and design. I have also studied energy use and conservation in buildings and I am currently studying  Green Energy Finance.

Ireland has an opportunity to create a new green energy industry which could also add payments to peopel and business for energy produced by homeowners and business as they supply  energy into the national grid. District heating and CHP could work with this idea. Since the financial crash in 2008 the idea of producing an industry which does not solely rely on the Housing Market (which caused the disaster Ireland has been through, by mismanaging the economy up until 2010) could help to prevent further economic upheaval and emigration in the future.

An interesting idea regarding renewable energy initiatives and Conservation in buildings as well as contemporary constructions in the Green Growth of cities (OECD initiative) and the Green sustainable pedestrianised city is to renew the Heritage industry with Co-operatives (as one option) and manufacturing combined. With the demise of local democracy  (and concerns that Local Agenda 21 implementer’s are not elected. Fis Nua have passed motions to this effect and have submitted these principles to the Rio Earth Summit held in June 2012)  increasing a legal contract Conservation plans (if made statutory, currently they are not a statutory obligation and as such have no legal imperative only a social one in effect) could assist both the technical and social needs of a community (one example)  i.e. a Conservation Plan  Next ask professionals if they agree and ascertain what impedes Irish planning and development , i.e. A Survey of Local Authority Professionals over the entire Island of Ireland. Finally with problems identified and planning irregularities corrected (such as applying EIA/EIS and protection orders, zoned areas and designations to areas under 0.8 Hectares  down to Zero area so that Heritage all over the Ireland can be presumed to be protected and not exempted development.Installations such as pylons and fracking rigs under 0.8 acres have to be debated and ancient archaeological sites can be protected even within an ACA, the EIA directive is to be debated on 22.01.2014 in the EU) and move forward into Planning a Sustainable Green Energy Finance future…   (see pages 10 & 11) …like the Vikings. (Norway, see also below ).This way 100% employment targets and development will not remove heritage which is a vital component of green sustainable city planning. It will also serve the local community better than Local Agenda 21 attracting new business whilst communities recieve a fairer share.

If elected I will place 50% of my TD salary into an inner city co-operative which already has over 3,000 members.

No more cutbacks.


Eireananch Cooperative Society ltd

As a summary of my candidate policies as issued in both elections

(2011 to 2012 ) AIB have also recently announced a £100 million investment in energy schemes, the quicker investment is released, the quicker the housing and mortgage crisis is resolved and  Job creation can begin in earnest. Ireland requires large scale funding to develop its industry including Standard bank debt, Mezzanine Finance, Equity and EIIS, Venture Capital and Bonds. One further measure to help the economy and its vital services such as disabled services it can avail of “funding without borrowing” in and for emergencies…..

Many people want to pull out of the EU, yet the EU was not designed to run up such huge debts in each nation state (in its original constitution). Using that option as a bargaining tool to cancel debt worked for Greece Greece had internal taxation problems and it also suffered under the imposed mismanagement of its policies from outside of its control. Many countries are half members (member states) of the EU or they reside just in the European Council. This effort  or strategy to cancel debt was adopted by many who may not wish to leave the EU. Many Fis Nua supporters wished to leave the EU many did not. Returning to the original sensible macro and micro economic vision for a new Europe would ensure a better future. Debt without sensible management, erodes this vision. Many people are of course concerned that they have no control over national identity issues, border control and taxation macro-economic policies. The different types of (depending on the country) EU membership and EU Council members reflect those concerns since 1946, hence its slow development. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1. The EU Fiscal Compact, (link to vid) also Known as the EU fiscal Treaty, or Stability Treaty, or the Austerity Treaty &  2. Irelands €374 Billion debt repayment &  3. The Green & traditional IFSC International Financial Services Centre                            

1. Issues (see above) which will severely impair Ireland’s economy for the next Twenty Years. 100% full employment is achievable and is in my opinion far more attractive and a natural successor to the ‘steady state’ economy model, especially after one phase of the IMF Troika has now completed.Herman Daly who masterminded the steady state model has produced an incredible working alternative, yet as the recent perceived lowering of Renewable Energy targets (Jan 2014) within the EU (to boost employment levels or SME’s ) ultimately bringing near zero emission’s in buildings and emission targets overall will mean more development without emissions and yet jobs will be created.

                                                                                                                   2. The €374 Billions (€96 Billion being direct government debt) see the Irish Debt Audit article “Debt Audit Gives People Clear Picture of Ireland’s Debt and its repudiation“, (which causes an economy default and to sell its natural assets) Ireland should keep its Double Irish tax system with comparable tax cuts for workers and those with new Jobs, as the debt issue should not be a burden to recovery and exports. Is their any point to low Unemployment and Austerity and Debt  which ultimately forces innovation nationally to dissipate, and a “low wage” workforce which however has a skills gap.Why not FDI with also nationally new Irish indigenous Corporations.

                                                                                                                       3.  A solution for Ireland may be to re-invigorate its IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) with a possible Green Carbon Clearing bank and increased fin tech packages and new financing solutions for SME’s and local authorities. And to invest (with the carbon banks help) in the renewable energy and building retrofit industries, providing emissions are verifiable. Of course Emissions are reduced by Carbon targets and offsetting via Carbon allowances and credits. Hence new Green industry will fuel a recovery. Whilst the EU/ETS Carbon trading platform has had difficulties its operation will recover. Couple this with renewed Manufacturing output (including traditional metalwork crafts and industry) Ireland’s difficulties may be reduced to three or four years instead.With the emerging EU Energy Supergrid it is vital for Ireland to recoup its energy rights and provide non-imported cheap energy for its 4 million domestic consumers. Inter-connectors to Europe must be built.

                                                                                                                            Further to this Ireland has 1.6 Trillion in Gas and Oil which should renew (like Norway see below) the license’s and re-negotiate them, which includes not just a Tax on Revenues (reduced by accounting to less than 3%) but also a Royalty payment of over 70% or higher (currently zero).This new planning philosophy must become the norm in the future.It would be easier simply to own the oil and gas, wind and wave nationally as Norway does. This undeveloped estimate of gas and oil with wind and wave amounts to nearly €10 Trillion in revenue With so much potential Ireland could supply energy throughout Europe at a very cheap price reducing Western energy problems substantially.                                                                                                                                                                                  Ireland has the highest performing Wind Sector which could reduce its own domestic electricity bills to very little, if also channeled for national benefit, and also fund the Water and Property tax charges instead of raising the charges from the overburdened consumer.Ireland’s Wave power industry is also amongst the highest capacity in the world. Saving its forests (as carbon sinks and pleasant areas to walk) and realizing its huge potential in nature (green economy) and its vast natural resources all mean of course Ireland is not bankrupt but is actually the richest nation on earth.Why was Irelands debt allowed to accumulate in the Celtic Tiger  when the EU supergrid requires shared energy sources from many countries.

Norway has used its Oil and Gas and is now investing heavily in the Green sector. A giveaway of Scotland’s Oil, which of course Norway has nationalized

All along with the Debt Audit above please see (to repeat) THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF THE PENDING EU COLLAPSE!! MAKE VIRAL ALL!! (which can relocate in youtube but can be found through its name)This triple bind makes recovery even with Jobs almost impossible to achieve.

This is the reason President Higgins called fro the referendum on the ESM stability treaty, and why he is still raising concerns now he has also called for a renegotiated Oil and Gas contract.Debts accumulating unnecessarily are against every countries interests.

This is now (2013/2014) set against the Anglo and Nama revelations.

For a full version of the treaty see the following online link

The European Central Banks charter forbade bailouts, this would have made the financial system self regulating and debt free or debt in balance with annual fiscal accounting year by year. Providing the EU with stability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This forbidding of bailouts was aimed at distilling due diligence into finance and banking contracts not to prevent investment, development and progress.Progress which is hindered by a burdened banking system.                                                                                                                                                                                       This debt / austerity treaty is the most important treaty in Contemporary Irish History, the GVMT have issued a booklet distributed as “An Conradh Cobhsaiochta” over the last few days it is not the full (only 1/3 text) of the full treaty.

In total Ireland is being allowed to succeed but requires a better deal having to shoulder the EU’s burden.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dublin West by election October 27th 2011

National Issues of the economy and economic security of the country are of course also local issues.

(To repeat) A giveaway which Britain regrets with its (Scotland’s) Oil, which of course Norway has nationalized

Issues in Dublin West which include the difficulties of Connolly Hospital and local community groups and homeowners in negative equity, joblessness and indifference from Government, (every country is experiencing the same) is directly tied into the mismanagement of the economy. Mortgages in America have been completely written down due to their illegal contracts, as discovered in court in the USA. In Ireland only a 20% write-down is allowed for a few, much more should be done and I sent this advice out to Dublin West households before the election. The relief this provides is overwhelming for many people.

Creating new jobs will not come from government under Local Agenda 21, or they will be minimal compared to the huge wealth and potential Ireland has. New finance systems are being left up to the populations in every country to re-create, which makes us wonder why we bother having elections at all. Below (further down) are other issues encountered from an electorate who were generally sceptical and since the by election and general election, they should ask of their representatives has anything actually changed?

A constituent of Dublin west has said that there is an argument under article 46 of the constitution that two referendums on the same day cannot occur, yet this is what we are facing.

The Judiciary must hold the Dail to account and not be undermined. We need real referendums on children’s rights, Nama and the bank bailouts and debt (Irish debt 350 billion) & Nationalising Irish oil and Gas and any President elected must not rubber stamp legislation which does not protect Irish rights and freedoms.

Many Barristers do pro-bona (free) legal work in areas they enjoy. Why? Because people have not got access to a strong healthy judicial system, which should provide legal aid all the way up to the Supreme Court, or free representation, and fees should be lowered. Combining this with Direct Democracy’s idea of four referendum per year (as Switzerland enjoys) helps society avoid becoming litigious, which requires planning correctly to let society function well. This of course reduces case’s entering the court system. Perhaps if the two referendums contained a provision to cancel Ireland’s debt 100% many Judges would (if in debt) get a pay rise.(as would we all). Law should be readily available to the working class, (freely) with a strong judiciary against the executive.

The Presidential elections (held simultaneously) are undermining the dignity the role should hold. And we need real investigations into why Ireland cannot be free from the secrecy of control.

The issue of returning to the Punt as a nationally currency, or floating the Punt as a internal circulating currency was discussed at the Feasta meeting at the Mont Clare hotel (22-23/9/2011) (See the related IndyMedia article “National strategies for dealing with Ireland’s debt crisis: exploring the options“ and the debate on the “Parallel Punt”. Read the article which has comments on advice from Joan Burton TD, Richard Douthwaite, Dr Constantine Gurdgiev, Professor Ray Kinsella Deirdre De Burca Professor Terrence McDonagh from the Economics Department at NUI Galway. The latter suggests we default on the debt, build a new public “good” bank, leave the euro, institute a job guarantee, nationalise Irelands gas and oil, and bring in the Punt. We need to begin a new national bank, reclaim our countries natural assets (sold illegally) and get people working. This is because the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) was, and is, not required, it is an extra conduit in the money supply which does not need to exist, the misinformation of fear spread about it e.g. “there is no alternative” or “the ATMS would run out of money” is nonsense, likewise the Anglo/Irish, AIB bank guarantees/promissory notes do not need to exist. We need a referendum (i.e. “yes or no”) on:1. NAMA Debt free money (all cash in existence, i.e. money hard coins and notes) or MO is essential to produce a stable economy, avoiding inflation which in turn provides stable employment and therefore investment in housing (at sub-prime level) and other loans.

Despite Greece writing off Billions (50%)of its debt, says that Ireland cannot do this? yet in the referendum proposals he is asking us to set up non-elected non qualified people to investigate Irish society? What are his motives?

The €374 Billions (€96 Billion being direct government debt) see the Irish Debt Audit article “Debt Audit Gives People Clear Picture of Ireland’s Debt and its repudiation“, (which causes default) 3) a new or parallel currency, and immediate “bail out” of the jobless (with an eye on inflation of course) to the tune of 50 Billion (NAMA’s budget), and 5) total mortgage cancellation, whilst retaining ownership of homes to the public. These are local issues.

Central banks can fund anything directly without a middleman bank (see article the Banks shamed as treasury acts to help small firms  or they could (now) fund new charities and/or direct public works. Ireland can do the same. This is why people are camped out in America, Europe, Britain and Ireland (worldwide) to reclaim the ownership of banks and especially central banks (occupy campaign Mortgages can be secured by 100% employment (for example) Any new let system or national currency underpins employment and of course the repayment of loans.

With a parallel currency the mantra of “we are not Iceland” we are in Europe does not apply. Nationalise the central bank release and retake back NAMA assets, and Irelands oil and gas and print the Punt, and “retro fit” Ireland to a clean, prosperous eco-sustainable country. Mortgages deliberate mislead, its “forgiveness” should be extended further and deeper to as many people as possible. All of these measures if introduced three years ago would have restored Ireland’s prosperity and culture.

Irish General Election March 28th 2011

I support FÍS NUA and its federal aspirations, (yet not every single policy, e.g. legalisation of cannabis as stipulated)and its manifesto and constitution. Each member is federated as a franchise and the constitution/manifesto can be changed as required

The media is spending all its time trying to convince you there are only 3 main parties in Ireland, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour.

Further the media followed by the politicians have framed their budgets and policies on complete fictions, unable as they are to provide a real economic democracy of elected representatives. These parties are simply slaves to the banks and bondholders, they work within + or – 3% of GDP for borrowing requirements, and as such they are no longer the peoples representatives. They suggest no alternative borrowing sources, no alternative economic forums; they are ruining inner cities and rural agricultural development.

If elected I will place 50% of my TD salary into an inner city co-operative which already has 3000 members.

No more cutbacks.

Finance and Monetary issues

Labour have accused Fianna Fail of economic treason (Oct/Nov 2010) and then voted with them on the Finance bill which is going to hard fasten, increased immigration, unemployment and cuts to services, health and transport. Cuts to welfare, child benefits, wages and to every area of public life, for debts which do not belong to Ireland, and which should not affect the public at all.

Further the election was stalled to introduce the austerity finance bill by all three parties named above.The Goverment have continued to place party before country with the introduction of €10 Billion further bank bailouts not mentioned previously, after they continually pleaded in the media that banks bailouts were not happening ?.

The big four banks should not have had a blanket guarantee, and Anglo –Irish should have been let go, as the free market demands.

Alan Dukes Anglo- Irish chairman said on the 30.11.2010 that “deposits in Anglo would be moved as part of the downsizing of the bank. He confirmed that these deposits remain under guarantee” . ! Deposits in any bank could be moved at any time and let go to collapse as it should.

If it had, we would not have faced any IMF austerity measures, and monies could have been transferred to smaller banks which have international and nationally capabilities. Indeed the only debt free bank was the post office bank which was sold to Rabobank and could have been utilised to change to an international bank, Rabobank certainly think so and this would have taken a few months. Volkswagen has a new bank. Ireland could have had a new bank, and still could.


Monsanto which modifies DNA in plants by causing tumours in the plant to insert modified DNA, or using a ‘Gene gun’ to achieve same, so that it can resist its own herbicides allowing increased spraying of the herbicides, is clearly insane. Whilst this may rid us of weeds and competing crops to the grain or corn it also produces an increase exponentially in the eradication of insects and worms or bacteria in our soil which decrease its fertility. It does however increase yield and profits, although some would say that debt as GDP is a false profit. Regulation seems to have a too late effect.

Whilst this is not the only reason soil becomes infertile, septic tanks and mixing black and grey water with household chemicals contributes, and in Ireland rain runoff downhill can wash away nutrients that once were replenished by large forests and their resultant biodiversity, soil can be watered away without tree roots providing a underground network to rest against. Soil hardened by lack of top soil and chemicals contributes to flash floods, as was noticed in the USA as long ago as 1938 1

Coilte has enormous responsibility for our forests but its privatisation and possible sell off to China or Multi nationals of Chinese origin, may mean that is not only our wood which will be exported.

[i] U.S. Department of Agriculture (1938) Soils and Men, Yearbook of Agriculture Foreword by Henry Wallace Secretary of Agriculture.

The following quote from the US Dept of Agriculture, reminds us that in 1938 the land was suffering as was the earth, today it has the same problems plus poisonous pesticides and growth fertilisers and an increase of heavy metals and carcinogenic’s. Water, food and livestock are polluted and the food chain is suffering reducing our immune systems and abilities to prosper agriculturally or physically.

Nature treats the earth kindly. Man treats her harshly. He overplows the cropland, overgrazes the pastureland, and overcuts the timberland. He destroys millions of acres completely. He pours fertility year after year into the cities, which in turn pour what they do not use down the sewers into the rivers and the ocean. The flood problem insofar as it is man-made is chiefly the result of overplowing, overgrazing, and overcutting of timber. This terribly destructive process is excusable in a young civilization. It is not excusable in the United States in the year 1938. We know what can be done and we are beginning to do it. As individuals we are beginning to do the necessary things. As a nation, we are beginning to do them. The public is waking up, and just in time. In another 30 years it might have been too late.The social lesson of soil waste is that no man has the right to destroy soil even if he does own it in fee simple. The soil requires a duty of man which we have been slow to recognize. In this book the effort is made to discover man’s debt and duty to the soil. The scientists examine the soil problem from every possible angle. This book must be reckoned with by all who would build a firm foundation for the future of the United States. For my part I do not feel that this book is the last word. But it is a start and a mighty good start in helping all those who truly love the soil to fight the good fight.”

Genetically Modified Food / Monsanto dangers    

World marches against Monsanto

Obama signs Monsanto into law

pesticides 1    pesticides 2 and rachel carson 


Business and the export led recovery

The export led recovery theory has problems.

Europe is going to introduce measures to ensure a bank bailout by taxpayer money does not occur again. This is however unlikely in this monetarist system which has collapse (bust) built into its system. What they are proposing is to return to the Bretton Woods agreement and introduce a new currency the SDR. In it a fund will be siphoned off to alleviate any emergency in the future.

One area the levy will take its funds from is the Export area. Once export profits go above a certain level in a country, they will siphon off a part of those profits, into a pot for this bail out fund, which only shows they are expecting another crisis. Irelands current corporate tax rate of 12.5 % will therefore be nullified, which is why Brian Cowan was allowed to state he had fought and kept the tax rate, which in itself will not be allowed to remain.(as EU’s tax system harmonizes)

The growing international requirement for ecological sustainable business is set in legislation. One area in which inner city commercial business can cut immediate overheads is to introduce increased sophisticated metering of energy output.

At the simplest level, smart meters can be read remotely by the energy company. At the most advanced level, the devices provide information on what items are using energy and how much it costs. The technology also allows home owners or business to switch devices on and off remotely. They can be placed insitu and monitor gas and electrical output saving 15% on energy costs for the year. They can also be introduced in homes.

This is important, as that new advances in technology means that excess energy can be stored in hydrogen cells, and re-used at any time. Previously this was done by batteries, which were bulky, and did not last long, hydrogen eliminates this concern.

A long with these new approaches a new national strategy to store excess energy in homes and business and sell it back to the grid must be introduced without delay. I will demand this is introduced in every home and business in Ireland.

A new bank.

A new bank and a new banking system which can meet the needs of the country, it should not require stealing funds from the pension fund, will be capitalised by internal indigenous bonds with a state guarantee, as such it will attractive for foreign direct investment (as it is debt free) and also internally. All banking measures and banks should have an elected peoples council to monitor their actions. The central bank included.


Scrap the privatisation of education which seeks to control libraries and which edits the contents, education is free as parents pay for it in taxes, (if taxes were reduced then a affordable price without debt  could be arranged) scrap the charging of fees, and assist with student rents and grants, so that students can study and enjoy their studies in a rich and diverse manner as possible, taking heed of the jobmarket, smart economy, but also to teach skills which can develop a local and sustainable economy. A degree, masters and PhD programme in purely sustainable (eco Nomics) economics’ is badly needed in Ireland. Many students cannot find work to pay for their fees or living costs, or work can be so far away the cost of getting there is more than earn. Ireland has very high rents, and had 15 % unemployment (Spain had 30 % at one stage). The fees and expenses were not affordable unless a well paid job was available.

New Irish indigenous corporations.

FDI or foreign direct investment will not be worried by increased levels of taxation, even if that level increased by 1.5 % it would raise €12 billion euros. Further to prevent immigration a new special purpose vehicle (SPV) will be introduced to newly instigated corporations that are home grown. Staffed by the unemployed and subsidised to begin by savings from debt cancellations. This is IDI or indigenous direct investment.

In my profile I have already discussed my own co-operative as retail and commercial banking and support services and professions need clients who can pay their bills. As such at a lower level a local economy can flourish as well as at a national level.


Ireland needs a new planning system and increased openness and fairness. New sustainable towns and villages need to be planned with imagination and pleasure. Local democracy into planning, with a view to protect ancient and modern heritage, to rejuvenate our inner cities, to increase tourism and clean inner city living to boost business and commerce. People want character in a city, as such I support the save Moore Street campaign.

As Gaelige

Ba chóir go mbeadh an Ghaeilge ina hábhar éigeantach deimhniú a fhágáil, agus spreagadh sna meáin, agus in aerfoirt agus ar dsigns bhóthar mar an chéad teanga.

Civil service and public servants.

Contracting public services and civil servants either by pay or redundancies will further deflate the economy, it is complete madness to do this at this time, it creates stagnancy and increases the length of the recession.

Natural resources.

I will oppose the illegal state sell off of oil and gas around Ireland’s shores. Their value at only 60% explored comes in at €1200 billion.(undeveloped estimate)

I will oppose Bertie Aherns privatising of Coilte and Irelands forests. Labour and Fianna Gael have said they will reverse this policy also. However the advertised tendering process, has already begun, and Fianna Gael have consistently said they will privatise everything. This same process is also happening in Britain under the Conservative party, and their policy will become Fianna Fail or Fianna Gael’s should they be allowed to continue with this outrageous scandal. It will cost more to do this than it would raise, and it is only to benefit the few.

Health service

Nationalise all existing hospitals, and those that pretend to be nationalised (agencies), no redundancies except those who wish to go, allowing for a smaller tier of management without essential staff job losses. Increase nurses wages and increase nurse numbers paid for by the reduced management. Hospitals which are threatened with closure will remain in operation, and hospitals which have been closed will re-open.


Homelessness is an issue in Ireland? There are over 600 ghost estates in Ireland which need to be taken off NAMA’S books and given to local authorities. Many will have to demolished as developer/bank led buildings are already collapsing and would have even if occupied. We have an army of unemployed to rebuild the others and rent can be applied to them. A survey is underway of this housing stock.

It is ironic that the eco estate in Cloughjordan with its sustainable finance methods and green ethos has survived the bust, amidst the carnage of repossessions and negative equity. In 2004 when Ireland was supposedly running a surplus in the growth model, the figures of that surplus against GDP (all on paper) was hidden in the multiplication of wages to borrowing, mortgage owners (not homeowners) had. A false economy with false economists, voiced by false politicians who persuaded outside regulators in Ireland and Europe that the figures were real.

It is very likely that when the new government takes power that Ireland’s economic woes are actually ten times worse than the current information we have. It will be hidden away in desks and accounts and statistics. The finance bill will increase the severity of the economic catastrophy, Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael have driven us into, both fiscally (taxes, government spending) and also on the International financial markets.

Emergency measures and issues.

I will immediately increase funds to MABS (money advisory budget services) for people with mortgage and homelessness threats and problems. More staff and wider advice to business and students as a separate concern.

An immediate review of the water crisis in Ireland is needed, water is free a human right and it is required 24/7 to business and houses.

I will on my first day in office should I be elected call for a reversal of all the policies the GVMT have introduced, and call for an investigation and prosecutions to follow. An immediate works programme will be introduced, by measures I and Fís Nua have outlined. Fís Nua have federated their party to allow for a diverse representation based on sound fiscal and monetary models of economics, and deal with “we are where we are” because the GVMT have put us there. As such I will vote with any party that calls fro an end to the NAMA republic, and end to selling our children into slavery by debt, and an end to Anglo –Irish bank.

Six subjects per year should be legislated to have a referendum upon, professionals (such as nurses) should be allowed to participate in the procurement and running of new and existing hospitals from NAMA stock, in effect nationalised back to the service which requires them. This should exist across all services, housing, fire, waterways. People living in Ireland can do as they please its there country, and direct economic democracy into every area of life should be opened up.

Ireland actually is the richest country on earth, its natural resources between 4 million (not just the 1%) is waiting for its people to help each other and build a better country.

Mostly I will uphold the constitution that men and woman died for.