Liam Johnston

Liam Johnston, Fís Nua Candidate for Dublin Central

Liam Johnston, Fís Nua Candidate for Dublin Central

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Phone: 085 7647857


Liam Johnston lives in the Dublin Central Area and has been an active participant in opposing NAMA, the cuts imposed on the most vulnerable, and the railroading of the democratic system by the current government. His experience includes working within the Public Service, Media, Retail and business sectors. He studied Employment Law for six years and was a branch secretary of his local trade union assisting people in matters such as employment disputes, housing, and consumer rights. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Film and has experience of the international educational and employment markets.

“Over the years, I’ve watched incredulously the impotence of the current Political system bring this country to a point of economic slavery. There seemed to be only two options available; Emmigrate or start to develop a liking for cheese. I choose a third option, to get off my backside and try to do something to bring effective change to this country. Fís Nua appealed to me on a number of issues that I hold deeply, and its style of being a federated party focusing on fully involving the Irish people in all aspects of the democratic process, is what I believe we need in order to crack the current political illuminatti. The time is now for the people of Ireland to utilise that revolutionary spirit of yesteryear, in this election and regain the country that we hold so dear.”